Double C💓 (11 Pro)

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Double C💓 (11 Pro)

These Are On Hand🤲🏽
3-5 Days To Be Delivered After It Ships🚚💨
⚠️Live In An Apartment❔Please Do Not Just Put A Number. [Example: Apt 3D Suite32]

⚠️When Purchasing Please Double Check To Make Sure Your Address Is Correct🏡❗️

⚠️Please Be Sure To Put An Email That Works. All Order Updates Will Be Sent To Your Email.

NOTE📝: There Is A Plastic Seal On The Case & Charm That You Must Peal Off, To Have That Shinny Look🤩(You May Receive A Case With Plastic Already Peeled Off)

Double C💓 (11 Pro) Double C💓 (11 Pro) Double C💓 (11 Pro)